Every person registered in Germany is required to have a health insurance. If you get insured some time after registering, you have to pay retroactively

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Useful Tips

EBAY Ads (EBAY Kleinanzeigen) From furniture and train tickets to pets, in Germany “EBAY Kleinanzeigen” is your go to for online auctions and E-commerce. On

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New York City, October 2015, Manhattan

Unexpected Fines

When new in a country, unexpected fines are often the worst way to find out about the local restrictions. Here is a short summmary on

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ausländische abschluesse

Foreign High School Diplomas

Without a recognized high school diploma, it is difficult to find work in Germany, or to directly start studying. If a graduation diploma is equivalent

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Au pair

You are done with high school – but what now? Many are confronted with the same question, a possible solution is to work abroad as

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BAföG is meant to finance studying for students from economically weak backgrounds. Half of the received funds is a grant from the state, the other

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A scholarship is not only something for people with straight A’s. Next to your academic performance things like social commitment and conviction are also taken

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Transfer Driver’s Licence

During the first 6 months after registering in Germany, you are allowed to drive with a foreign licence (possibly translated). If your stay in Germany

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Finding an Apartment

New in town, but without an apartment? This fate is shared by many! Especially at the beginning of the semester it gets difficult to find

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ID and Register

It is compulsory to register in Germany. You will have to register within two weeks, as soon as you have a permanent residence in the

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