Au pair

You are done with high school – but what now?
Many are confronted with the same question, a possible solution is to work abroad as an au pair.
Depending on the age and number of kids, an aupair may receive varied tasks. You look after the kids while the parents are away, get them to their activities in time or take them on excursions. Normally the working hours are about 30 hours per week.
Advantages are, that there are still some convenieces from back home, like a roof over your head and the family surounding, but at the same time you grow to be more independent and learn to take on responsibility. Depending on country and region, your time as an au pair can also be optimally used to learn a foreign language.
The compensation depends on the country and the respective family. In Germany for example it is law, that an Aupair receives about 260 Euros of pocket money. Meanwhile in Switzerland, where the cost of living is higher, you receive between 500 and 850 Francs per month.
There are different ways to find a host family. One of the simplest is via the website . Here, possible host families and aupairs create profiles and can search for profiles that fullfill their desired criterea.
If you decide to work for some time as an au pair, it is essential, that you create an employment contract with your host family, before arriving at their home. This guarantees, that both of you have the same concrete understanding of what your tasks will be. As an au pair, it is normal to deal with some house work. However it does happen, that some host families (not necessarily with bad intention) will give you too much house work. Here is a list of things, that should not belong to your tasks:

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