Finding an Apartment

New in town, but without an apartment? This fate is shared by many! Especially at the beginning of the semester it gets difficult to find something suitable. Here are a couple of possibilities:

I) http://www.wg-gesucht.de/,http://www.wgfinden.de/index or https://www.wg-cast.de/ are the classical sites to find a shared apartment. You can create ads for your apartment, or look at what other users have on offer.

II) Student Residences – the student union, or other private providers have residences in which students can find a room, or an apartment cheaply.

III) Notices in the cafetaria, canteen or black boards at the university.

IV) Create Notices – On http://www.wg-gesucht.de/ you can print a notice with tear-off sheets

V) Facebook Groups – There are a lot of groups with titles along the lines of “Shared living, or apartments in Munich”

VI) Newspapers – Especially elderly people use newspapers for their notices. Getting up early to be the first call, can be wothwhile.

VII) Private rooms in the student union – The student union of the city often offers rooms on their website.

Sadly, there are scams where people only pretend to be renting an apartment. Never transfer money before seeing the apartment and signing a lease!
If you are invited to an on show apartment, always keep in mind, that you want something from the landlord, and not the other way around. Especially in the larger cities the landlords have a lot of possible tenants, so always be on time and be kind.
If you apply for a room in a student residence it may be that there are drawings for a place in the residence. The application deadline in Munich for example is already in May, so it is worth it to get it done early! If you apply for multiple residences you will get an apartment faster. If you only apply for one, it may well be that you are on the waiting list for several semesters.

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