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Unexpected Fines

When new in a country, unexpected fines are often the worst way to find out about the local restrictions.
Here is a short summmary on some of the things that are often overlooked.

In Germany one can be punished with “points” – “Punkte in Flensburg”.
These points are registered and if you have more than 8, your driver’s licence will be confiscated.
Even if you do not have a drivers licence you do not want to collect these, since you may not be issued a licence, if you have any.

On the bicycle:

Driving in the wrong direction on the bike path: 20 Euros
Driving on the sidewalk: 15 Euros
Driving under influence: >0.3 Per mille – Criminal Complaint; >1,6 Per mille – Fine, Driving test (difficult to pass without preperation seminars), often removal of ones licence,  3 points
Ignoring red traffic lights: (Policemen sometimes hide to controll this): 60-100 Euros and 1 point
No bicycle light: 25 Euros
Being on the phone while driving: 25 Euros, for listening to loudly to music 15 Euros
Taking a friend along on one bicycle: 5 Euros
More on fines for cyclists:

While driving:

Insults: – this list is entertaining – “you girl” (to a policeman) f.i. will cost you 200 Euros.
Parking against driving direction: 15 Euro
Parking in driveways: 15 Euro  Watch out for signs sayingg “Feuerwehreinfahrt”!
Driving on black ice without winter tires: 60 Euro
“Umweltzone” – “environmental zone” –  without “Umweltplakette” – environmental label: 80 Euro . This zones are present in some German cities to reduce air polution.
Being towed after illegal parking: 250 Euro
More on fines for motorists:



Identification Document: You do not have to take with your id, or passport at all times, but you have to possess at least one of these. Otherwise fine up to 5000 Euros are possible. (Mostly <200 Euros)
Library: Reminder fees may be unexpectedly high, for example 7 Euros, when handing in a day late.

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