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EBAY Ads (EBAY Kleinanzeigen) From furniture and train tickets to pets, in Germany “EBAY Kleinanzeigen” is your go to for online auctions and E-commerce. On the website you can make an ad for literally anything you may have lying around at home and don’t really need anymore. If you are looking for something, you can enter your postal code and you will be shown all the offers in your area. You will find a lot of cheap stuff, in surprisingly good quality. It is therefore possible to furnish your room cheaper than with IKEA.


Savings price finder of German Railways “Deutsche Bahn (DB)” Here you can find savings tickets for your traveling day. Sometimes there are tickets for ICE trains for much cheaper, for example 19€ instead of 100€.


Referrals  If you make a contract with a bank, a service provider, or a health insurance, you will be often asked, if you were referred to their service. If one of your friends is also there, don’t forget to mention him as your referral. Often you will get some good bonuses, or even money! Also remind your friends to refer you, when they register, if you are already using the service.

Mobile Contracts Careful! First evaluate what you really need, before you get talked into a two year contract by a consultant. Remaining with prepaid will almost always suffice, since you can flexibly change to the cheapest provider. Since you will find WiFi almost everywhere, uncapped data is not really needed anymore. With apps like WhatsApp Call and Skype it is also not necessary to get unlimitied calls, if you have access to the internet. Vodafone for example has a good offer: You can get a “Callya Card”, with 750 MB of data, 200Min/SMS and free calls in the Vodafone Network. You don’t sign a contract, but pay 10€ for 4 weeks, and can quit the service every 4 weeks, such that it is not renewed.

(These tips are not intended as promotion – they are things that helped me personally)

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